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Re: Bedford:The Story (non-Audi but momentous)


Thank you *so*  much for educating me on these points:

We clearly owe a great and largely unrecorded debt, here in the UK, to
Bedford, TX for bringing us what were, in their time, this country's premier
range of commercial vehicles *and* for inspiring the creation of  our city
of Bedford, England not to mention Bedfordshire the county which  brought us
Luton Airport.

Mention must also be made of one of the key players in these heroic events,
born in the cradle of civilisation which is your town:
I speak of your  Earl Duke, who long ago settled the untamed English lands
beyond the Watford Gap, quelled the savage bands of native cavemen, and
founded the aristocratic 'Dukes of Bedford' dynasty here, modelling his home
and country estate, Woburn Abbey, on one of your typical little Texan town
houses and backyards.

With many  tugs of the cybernetic forelock to the town of Bedford, TX.


Cumbria, UK.

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From: R. Cummings <cumm@flash.net>
>I suppose I am not surprised that being from Great Britain you have not
>heard the famous story of GM's development of Bedford Trux. I was with GM
>from 1961 to 1984 occasionally involved in development of trux.
>GM, as was the usual practice, maintained very tight security over any new
>venture. So when they decided they wanted to build trux in England, they
>established a development center (centre, if you prefer) away from the
>hoards of spies in the Detroit, Michigan area.
>They selected a superb site on the banks of the Trinity river in the state
>of Texas called Bedford, which had excellant transportation facilities and
>began the tedious process of developing their Trux for Great Britain.
>All went well and the division became known as Bedford Trux or abbreviated
>to Bedford, TX. GM exported the equipment to England through a small port
>Massachusetts which because of the growth generated by this business decide
>also to adopt the name, Bedford.
>I'm also told that there is a town in England that takes its name from our
>fair community here in Texas. It is a small world isn't it?
>Bob Cummings 1987 Coupe GT, Bedford, TX