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Re: Running out of gas

 # I have been thinking about this recently, as I have a problem with a
 # recently acquired '89 100, which does not like even running low on fuel -
 # even when a few gallons remain in the tank, anything like cornering which
 # sloshes the fuel around causes the pump to stars to change tone
 # intermittently and the engine to stall (but it always restarts immediately
 # on the key.)
 # Filling up the tank again removes the problem entirely. Replacing the fuel
 # filter did not change anything. Anyone with similar experiences ? - I was

... I've experienced this as well ... many years ago on my Audi Fox.  It 
turned out that there was a fuel screen in the tank ... the problem was 
fixed after I replaced the screen.  Interestingly enough, a visual inspec-
tion of the two screens did not show any obvious differences ...

I think that the 5K has some sort of screen near the fuel pump ... perhaps 
your 100 does as well.  I believe that you need to remove the fuel pump to 
access the screen.  I also seem to recall reading that the dealer service 
repair technique is to simply remove the screen ... I can't say that's the 
way I'd prefer to go!


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)