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Re: superchargers

 # While reading the recent discussion of the Callaway turbo's, "Ken" finally
 # brought up the subject of a supercharged I5 motor.  Has anyone out there
 # tinkered with this idea?  It would seem to me that the supercharger would
 # provide a very interesting substitute to the turbo setup.  BTW, please
 # don't start preaching about the power robbing attributes of the
 # supercharger, it is common knowledge that a supercharger will draw approx.
 # the same power as the air-conditioner.  Somewhere I remember reading about
 # a number of companies that supply BMW fanatics with such toys with "super"

... I noticed a while back that there is a blower available for the VR6, 
but it was pointed out to me that the cost of said unit was beyond the 
$$$ range ...

When you consider how inexpensive it is to purchase an MC engine, and 
given the fact that it will pretty much drop in in place of the 10v NA 
motor, and with all of the performance bump ups readily available for 
the MC ... its no surprise to me that we seem to see a lot more discus-
sion about how to fit an MC into the Audi rather than a supercharger ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)