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Re: 4KQ trans R&R ?s HELP!

BTDT on an '85 4kQ ...

 # A few 4KQ trans R&R questions:
 # 1) I've got the ol' 4KQ front up on jackstands - will this be high enough for clearance?

... worked for me!  I jacked the body up as high as I could with my big 
floor jack and then stuck in the jackstands ... sufficient clearance ...
 # 2) I've got the engine supported with a lift - is this required? Suggested? Don't care?

I didn't ... you need to let the engine rock backward to be able to get 
the tranny off.  I recommend that when you've got the tranny hanging down 
the back that you use something to keep the front of the engine tilted 
up while the tranny is off (it will want to rock *way* forward if you 
don't).  Bentley shows some specific Audi tool to hold up the front of 
the engine ... I just used an old v-belt on one of the crank pulleys 
and 2x8 across the front of the engine compartment.  
 # 3) Trouble getting access to the engine/trans bolts on the R side - I have dropped the
 #     front subframe down as far as possible with the tie-rods attached - do I need to drop the
 #     tie-rods, remove the calipers and the top strut nuts and drop the whole schebang
 #     right the H_ll outtahthere to get access to remove these bolts, the slave cyl, shift linkage,
 #     diff-lock cable, etc????

Have you removed the downpipe & cat?  It was interesting to get that 
thing off, but not that bad when you've got the right extensions and 
ratchets.  Once the exh system is disconnected you've got all the 
access you need.  

I knew I was going to be replacing the clutch slave cylinder so I just 
unhooked the hydraulic line to it (if you're not going to change it 
you may want to simply pull the slave out of the tranny before removing 
the tranny).  Vacuum lines to the center diff actuator were accessible 
from the right front wheel well.  The biggest problem was getting the 
tranny mounting bracket off on the right side.  It has socket cap 
(Allen) bolts, and was not able to get the last one off until I had 
dropped the tranny!  AAMOF, I simply left the thing attached.  

The biggest pain of the whole job is getting the tranny input shaft 
aligned and into the pilot bearing in the flywheel IME ...
 # 4) Any other hints or suggestions?

... follow Bentley (not necessarily to the letter :)

... pull the front half shafts ...
 # 5) Special brands of 'Liquid Mechanic'?
... I swear by Kroil ...

Have fun Glen!
BTW, why are you needing to R&R the tranny?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)