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Re: Running out of gas

>Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 21:28:43 -0500
>From: harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com>
>Subject: Re: Running out of gas
>I've been there too. More often than I'd like to admit.  I believe that the
>notion that crap in the bottom of the tank gets sucked into the sysem is a
>I would think that if there was sediment that could get through it would
>all the time since the sender gets fuel from the same place all of the time.

Yes, except that the problem, if any, probably comes not in the running
*out* of fuel, but rather the driving with a very *low level* of gas. With
a low liquid level, the turbulence generated by  sloshing (technically
referred to as: "the sloshing effect") is more likely to stir up some
sediment on the bottom and cause it to be drawn into the pump/filter.

So--best always to keep the tank well-filled, even if you never run out of
fuel. Do I practice what I preach? Heh heh ;-)

Phil Rose

>Rob Winchell wrote:
>> Q -
>> A couple weeks back I ran the car out of gas (sputtering going in to the
>> station). Should I replace the fuel filter? I hear stories about sucking all
>> the crap from the bottom of the tank into the fuel system when you run it
>> that low.
>> Also, do I have some other fuel filter (maybe closer to the tank) other than
>> the one in the engine compartment?
>> Rob Winchell
>> 91 200Q

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