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'90 CQ 20v audio help wanted

Hey all q-zealots,

Anyone's help would be _greatly_ appreciated with this.

Upon removing the Nosy in-dash CD player with P.O.S. Crutchfield harness
adapter (didn't work correctly; no lights, no front speaker sound) and
installing a Wiesbaden from my sister's '88 90.  If her Wiesbaden radio (she
got the Sony, still no lights unless turned on, but front sound) is the same
as the stock coupe radio (it isn't, just checked it).  Anyways, i need to know
which wires are for what on the third (and largest) plug.

It has 6 wire leads (well, 7 if you count the double wire one).

They are:  Brown/red & Brown/black:  Rear channel neg.
                Red/yellow:  ?
                Brown/red:  ?
                Blue/green:  L.R. pos.
                Red/green:  R.R. pos.
                Red/grey:  ?

Thanks for your time,
           -Eric Ferguson