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CNN & the NA Auto Show

Anyone happen to catch CNN last night?  They did a lengthy program from
the North American Auto Show in Detroit.  Got to see all the new tyos as
well as some of the concept cars.

Did some interviews with automotive writers as well.  

Clearly the new Beetle seems to be the hit of the show.  One writer kind
of panned the 911 replacement saying that in order to appeal to more folks
Porsche took away some of the car's unique characteristics.  If I rememebr
correctly she even said that Porsche made it more Lexus-like.

As one might imagine, not a word was spoken about Audi.  But clearly as
they were doing their wrap up to the prgram they were standing in the Audi
display area.  On the left as you looked at the TV screen was a dark blue
metallic something or other (I couldn't tell if it was an A4 or A6) and a
light metallic green A6.

Bill Murin
89 100q