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Re: CNN & the NA Auto Show

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Mike Marion wrote:

> Yeah, the Beetle is going to make it big methinks.  I'd actually consider
> one myslef (if it was AWD, 1.8t, w/17" wheels, and chipped - all a
> possibility by the way  =)

One of the beetle sites speaks of the 1.8 turbo coming later this year.
Already being called "super beetle."

> >As one might imagine, not a word was spoken about Audi.
> Actually, the same "industry expert" that panned (a little) the 911 did
> mention the Audi Allroad - briefly.  If you sneezed though, you would have
> missed it.

Did not sneeze, but did miss it.

> Overall I thought the show was poorly done.  The commentators didn't seem
> to have a clue what they were talking about and the CEO's they interviewed
> were ill-prepared and looked and acted dead in front of the camera. At
> least the domestics.  I thought I would gag at the GM, Ford, and Chrysler
> guys!  The germans and US reps for the asian cars were much more polished
> and seemed to have some passion for the cars.  I guess I shouldn't be
> surprised should I?

Agree totally.  Actually the guy from Chrysler wasn't too bad at least
compared to the GM & Ford folks.  the CEO from GM really did not seem to
know the product line. Kept hearing the same words over and over and
really learned nothing.

> Leon Mandel was articulate as was the woman from the auto trade rag
> interviewed at the end.


bill murin