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found this on alt.autos.audi

I know nothing about the car.

Bill Murin
89 100q

Aero at CAL POLY

1993 Audi S4
Black with black leather
Every option including CD changer and fact cell phone.
Perfect mechanical condition
Excellent cosmetic condition
67,000 miles
New tires

Was once in an accident but was repaired perfectly using only factory
parts.  Replace parts include hood, right fender, right head and marker
light, bumper cover, center and right bumper trim, right head light
and head light support.  The bumper and grill were not damaged.  It was
a hard hit, the alignment was checked but did not need any adjustment!

Retail book value is about $29,000.  I am asking only $22,000 or best

Mark Kettering
805-756-2290 days
805-595-2036 nights
San Luis Obispo, California
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