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Who needs them? I'd rather downshift! (93 90CS brakes)

>>>>Just stopped off at my friendly Audi dealer to pick up pads/rotors/etc
>>>>for the job.

Bad idea...call Julie at KVR/Best Price in Ottawa Canada..ask for
Julie..tell her I sent you.  She'll take care of you and you'll get a good
1-800-636-0854...if you're in the NorthEast US...Foreign Autopart will hook
 you up if you're in a rush.  KVR/Best price sells all the good stuff,
ATE/BREMBO/JURID...also do cross-drilling and gas slotting.

>>>First off, they won't sell the tool for screwing in the rear pistons,
>>>>3272.  Does anyone know who sells this?

Universal brake tool...about $12-$14 US...not quite the right size but will
 work....will work _well_ after its had a moment with a Dremel tool.
Any decent auto parts store.

>>>Oh yea, also they're charging over $150 EACH for rear rotors and over
>>>$200 EACH for the fronts.  ("OK, pads and rotors front and back, that
>>>>will be $830."  "Gasp wheeze gasp choke... huh?")


Paul Royal