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H.I.D. xenon headlamps

Steve <sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu> wrote:

>I have definately seen an S4/6 about 2 years ago in my town with the
>H.I.D. headlights. No, they werent the coated bulbs that look like it.
>They were the real thing. I called the Audi dealer around here and he said
>that that option never was available (as far as he knew). The parts guy
>had no listing for hid bulbs, either. Was the option ever available? Is it

Steve, the last of the S6's the so-called 1995.5's which were sold new in
1996 had the Xenon lights.  I've got an S4 which I wanted to upgrade.
Turns out that it's a super-expensive upgrade, requires new alternator
new wiring, special ballasts for lights and the light assemblies themselves
run over $3200.  I passed (put Hella XL's on the bumper, for now).  I'll go
with the standard Euro lights when I get the chance.  But I still salivate
every time I see the S6's with Xenons.  BTW, you can recognize the
1995.5's by the headrests in the rear seats.

Doug Haley (haleyd@yankelovich.com)
"There is no fundamental difference between a sufficiently advanced
technology and magic" (A.C.Clarke)
'92 S4 (Alpine & A/D/Sed)