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RE: UrQ FTCU ground on the intake - What the #@$%.

I have seen what appears to be a very nice combined O2 meter and
duty-cycle meter in a single unit advertised in, I think, Turbo magazine.
I plan to upgrade to this unit and to use the duty-cycle meter to 
monitor my 6th injector. I think the price wuz <$100 US.

I also plan to, in the meantime, re-wire my HalMeter AF-30 to connect
the ground directly to the engine and see if that eliminates what
appears to be some flaky too-lean O2 readings.


   My current project (after I finish the Duty Cycle and O2 meters) is
   an Audi turbo data collection/logging box which will drive such an
   LCD... ignition timing, duty cycles, pre/post intercooler temperatures
   and G-Tech pro like accelerometer based timings.

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