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Re: Another programmable EFI option

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Gary G. Erickson wrote:

> I don't know if any of you (Orin, Graydon, Scott M., etc.) have heard of
> this company before, but they were mentioned on r.a.vw newsgroup this
> The name of the company is Simple Digital Systems, and they've got a
> fairly complete webpage (with pricelist!) at:
> http://www.sdsefi.com

I haven't worked with these guys at all, so I can't say if they're good 
or bad.   They were _very_ inexpensive when they first came onto the market.

Might be worth checking out though.

> familar with EFI systems.  (No, I'm not considering it . . . . . yet.)

You should!!!   The MC engine responds soooo well to removal of that 
airflow meter!   It feels like I shaved 10 pounds off the flywheel, it 
responds so easily and quickly.

Graydon D. Stuckey