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86 5kCSQ jerks when deacclerated

	Subject: 1986 5kCS Q, 180k miles, 5-speed manaul tranny

	Hello everybody again,

	First of all, thanks to all who responded to my earlier 
	email about the location of coolant temperature sensor, 
	and the source to get it. 

	Since I am a new owner of a used audi, there are still 
	quite a few questions. I just ordered the factory manual
	and hope not to bother you guys so much. One question 
	which I think I won't be able to find the answer even in 
	the service manual, will try my luck here.

	Summary of the problem would be 
	"Is hard engine braking normal to this car"

	Explanation of the Problem will be like;
	I am not sure if it is a characteristic of the beast or
	if there is something wrong. While in stop and go traffic
	(california), let's say I am in in a low gear, and I just
	took my foot off the gas pedal, without pressing the clutch, 
	the car has a sudden jerk. The jerk is so bad that I get 
	nervous that someone might hit me from behind ( bumper to 
	bumper traffic). I have been driving stick shift for last 
	20 or so years, and don't think that I have to press clutch 
	everytime I take my foot off the gas pedal. The lower the 
	gear the harder the jerk is.

	Thanks in advance,
	Fremont, CA (USA)