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S models FS in Denver

     We made a trip to Denver for 4-H, so I went by Prestige Imports
(Lakewood), the Audi dealer.  They have 4 used S models on the lot.  They also
have a Wetterauer prepared A-4 (Bilstein, Scroth, MSW, etc.)  Didn't know
there were that many used S models in the country, much less in one place.
(But then, Bucksnort is somewhat sheltered.)  All of the cars looked great.
     I had a nice chat with Hans Basner.  Their phone is 303-763-8553.  If any
of the list members are looking for an S model, these folk have them.
     I'm headed back to Bucksnort to repair two broken quats.

     Still Confused in Bucksnort.