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Instrument cluster fuse location on 89/200qt

While adjusting my electric mirrors on my 1989 200tq, I blew the fuse. 
This fuse also controls the instrument cluster gauges. A quick look in 
the owners manual showed the location of this 5 amp fuse is in the 
fuse box under the hood (located in the "Group B" line adjacent to the 
Motor diagnostic switches). This is also confirmed by the layout shown 
on the inside cover of the fuse box. However, there is no fuse or a 
fuse slot located in this position! After taking out the drivers side 
dash cover, I could find no fuse next to the interior relays. Where is 
it? Since I bought this car used, I have no idea if this is an Audi 
fluke or a serious alteration by the previous owner...any suggestions?