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On the issue [?] of wasted bandwidth, let me waste a little more.

I don't pay by the byte, never have.  So, I don't usually care what makes it to
this list.  Those posts with some darn MIME format thing attached that take up
the normal space of 6 messages are kind of a pisser, but, I delete.

I think there are many reasons for keeping squabbles off list.  They usually 
bore the hell out of those not in them.  If someone sends me an e-mail,
unless it helps the list, I would never reprint it on the list.  QSHIPQ comes to
mind here.  We don't always see the same light, as shown by some posts
in the past.  However, Scott and I have had some heated discussions off-
list, which, if played for the whole town to see would probably make at least
one, maybe both of us, look like an as*hole.  I respect Q's right to vent, and,
apparently, the feeling  is the same with him, as our *private* e-mails have
stayed that way.  Private is the key word here, IMHO.  

So, without further waste of time, was the message to Phil sent to the list?
I didn't see what some are writing about until Phil did the whole list the 
favor {?} of reposting.  Maybe it was here all the time....maybe I just don't
give a rat's as*---then again, it could be both:)