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re: Wet weather haltering under load

you wrote:

<<My son came into the Audi quattro club this month with a used 87 5ktq.

While test driving it about two weeks ago, we noticed some haltering

above 1 bar under full acceleration.  It isn't real bad, just a

noticable cutting out for very brief intervals, only under heavy

acceleration. The owner, who is a personal friend, said he had not

experienced this--then again, he doesn't run around testing his car at

full throttle either.

  After buying the car, my son could not get it to reappear except when

some kind of moisture was coming down from the sky.  >>

Sounds electrical.  Check the basics: roto, distributer cap, plug wires (even
plugs).  The dist cap may show carbon traces from arcing; cheap to replace.
On a wet evening, open the hood and look for arcing on the wires; you could
check their resistance too.  I'd just do the basic tuneup as its new to you
(replace plugs, cap and rotor), and then if the problem continued, worry about
the wires.

Lastly:  after driving and getting the hesitation problem, run your error
codes (procedure in archives).  Remember, pull the codes before shutting off
the engine so they don't get erased.

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH
'91 200q