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re: help with noise on CD changer install, '91 200q?

Sorry for the bandwidth, but I know several people have done this more
successfully than I on the 5000/100/200 cars.

I'm adding a Clarion Amigo 2 6-disk changer, FM modulated ($269), to the stock
bose system.  Power is provided by a direct line to the battery, switched by a
relay activated by the power antenna amplifier out on the head unit.  Power
(for memory of what disks/tracks are loaded) is provided off the cigarette
lighter up front.  I grounded the system and relay to a screw in the firewall.
Changer is mounted in trunk, passenger side, behind the bose speaker on the
upper deck.  The control cable for the changer I ran up the passenger side
along the doorjam area, then up under the carpet about 8" away from the
motronic control unit.  The FM modulator part is above the passenger side foot
air vent, similar to where the factory system would go.  I added a standard
antenna end to the front window antenna wire near the head unit and tapped in
there, but did not tap into the rear antenna wire.

With ignition off, everything works great.  With the ignition on, it starts
off fine, then builds up distortion and noise, including a rhythmic beep.  It
makes no difference if the car is running or not, just ignition on.  If I tune
the radio briefly off station then immediately back, it comes in fine, then
slowly goes back to distortion and noise.

Any pointers?  Anything I did wrong?  Thanks in advance.
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q