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Phil Payne wrote:

> >Does the 200 have the 'pre-filter' or sediment trap that was fitted
> >to the early ur-quattros?

> Hi Phil, thanks for your mail.

> I have looked at the whole fuel line, my car seems to have only the
> mesh on the bottom of the fuel pump (Submerged, in tank type), and the
> main fuel filter in the front.

I don't know about any other filters, and the microfiche does not
indicate any either.

> >Did you flush the tank before fitting the first new filter?  Did you
> >fluch it before fitting the _second_?

We flushed the tank before replacing the fuel pump the first time, and I
expected to find a clean tank when replacing the fuel pump. The fuel
filter was reasonably clean but the mesh on the fuel pump had quite a
bit of rubbish clinging to it. Now that I am expierinced in opening  the
tank, I am thinking of flushing the tank again.

Renier Meyer
'89 200T
Durban South Africa.