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Re: Wet weather haltering under load

   >   After buying the car, my son could not get it to reappear except when
   > some kind of moisture was coming down from the sky.  The day we test
   > drove the car, it was raining too. He just drove it out to California,
   > and everything went well for 8 hours until he went through a storm over
   > the Sierras, and the haltering under heavy load showed up again.  Any
   > ideas of what kind of thing may be humidity or moisture related while
   > driving under heavy load?  Anybody else been there? Thanks in advance, 

    Joel, I had this happen to me when I  had my 4000 q. Only during rainstorms
   would it spit and sputter under full acceleration. Turned out to be bad plug wires
   as they were leaking some serious voltage. When was the last time these were
   replaced? Might as well replace the rotor and cap and plugs while your in there
   if this hasn't been done in while. HTH,

I had a similar problem with my UrQ -- turned out to be arc'ing from the
distributor plug wires to the metal shield wrapped around the distributor.
Ripped the metal shield off, and hasn't missed a beat hot or cold, wet or
dry since (except of course when the battery dies...).