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Re: Fluke 83 vs Sunpro 7678

   > Audi recommends the Fluke 83 as the preferred Multimeter.
   > The SunPro 7678 costs about +/- $100, vs, $250 for the Fluke 83.  
   > What are the 10% of Audi diagnostics the Fluke will do that SunPro won't?
   > I'm about to buy Sunpro but don't want to end up later owning one of each.

   I have the SunPro 7676... it has DC Volts, Resistance, a separate 
   diode check, dwell & tach for 4, 5, 6, & 8 cylinders... what 
   additional functions does the 7678 have (or is it just a newer
   model of what I have)?

The function I find immensely useful is the duty cycle readout. Very
handy to see what all of those frequency valves are doing.

If only it had AC voltages too, it would be a nigh-on perfect home
handy dandy meter!