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Re: Fluke 83 vs Sunpro 7678

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, you asked:

>  "...SunPro 7678 can be used for 90% of Audi diagnostics."
>  Audi recommends the Fluke 83 as the preferred Multimeter.
>  The SunPro 7678 costs about +/- $100, vs, $250 for the Fluke 83.  
>  What are the 10% of Audi diagnostics the Fluke will do that SunPro won't?
>  I'm about to buy Sunpro but don't want to end up later owning one of each.

I happen to own both (as well as a few others).  The Sunpro is what I chose to
use on the car most of the time.  The 83 has a freq. counter, capacitance
tester, max/min function, relative delta and peak hold; all functions you will
probably not use on a vehicle (yes, there are some occasions, but rare). The
Sunpro is also probably not as good for the milliamp mixture settings of the
CIS-E cars, like your 5ks, and 100.

I would recommend the Sunpro 7678 for all around automotive work.  It has a
nice large display, which is great when you are trying to read it through the
windshield and seems durable enough.  For the price of the Fluke 83, you could
get _two_  Sunpro 7678s and still have enough to buy a timing light or
milliamp meter.  I wouldn't recommend the 83 for automotive work, but perhaps
the 78, which is the Fluke automotive meter.  BTW, the 83 doesn't have the
nice dwell and tach functions you will find with the Sunpro.

Steve Eiche