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Re: Fluke 83 vs Sunpro 7678

>Audi recommends the Fluke 83 as the preferred Multimeter.
>The SunPro 7678 costs about +/- $100, vs, $250 for the Fluke 83.  
>What are the 10% of Audi diagnostics the Fluke will do that SunPro won't?
>I'm about to buy Sunpro but don't want to end up later owning one of each.

Does the Fluke handle DC current down to <10mA?

My Sunpro 7678 does not.  The DC current measurement is useful (well, I would
really say critical) for checking the differential pressure actuator
signal on CIS-E and CIS-E III systems (KX/JT and NG engines, at least).
I plan on buying a better multimeter to get small-current capability.

Otherwise, the Sunpro has (so far) handled everything I need (which is
basically volts/ohms/duty cycle).  If the Fluke provides a duty cycle
measurement as well as small-current measurement, I would pick it over the 
Sunpro (the rpm meter is not really necessary).  I kind of like the
Goldstar (not an auto-specific DMM) 332/334 series, and it cost a lot
less than the Fluke.

'85 Coupe GT
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