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Re: 4kq rims, redux

>However, word also has it that there is no 4 bolt 15" OEM rims for Audis.
>Bummer. Big time. However, it occured to me that VW and Audi have a certain
>parts commonality, so maybe, just maybe...
>Does anyone know if there was ever a VW rim that was 15x5.5(or 15x6) with
>the 4x108 bolt pattern and a 45 offset? Alloy or steel, matters not to me.

I could have sworn that Audi had a 15x6 4-bolt alloy wheel....thought I
saw them while looking for rims at the local (rip-em-off) junkyard.  I
think they came off an early '80's Audi 100.  They did not have a 45mm offset,
though...something more akin to 35mm, I think.

Anyone know for sure?

The Speedlines off of a '90-'91 Coupe quattro should fit, but they are
15x7 and (I believe) not very inexpensive.

'85 Coupe GT
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