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Re: Lets hear some juicy tidbits...


> Scott M. hasn't discussed any updated 11b/c code or
pressure 'ducers must >be playing with Motronics again...

Well, not playing too much with the Motronic stuff, still
waiting for the official release of the tuning program. I
have the 2_5 sensor working in the Mac11 ECU's but have not
completed my testing with the WOT fuel mixture changes.

I am in the process of getting my car outfitted with
intercooler temp sensors, exhaust temp sensor, pressure
sensors in the air filter housing, turbo inlet, turbo
outlet, intercooler exit and intake manifold to understand
how much pressure drop there is through the intake system
and through the stock intercooler at 1.8-2.0 bar. I
installed a pressure tap in the stock intercooler to see
what the turbo pressure was entering the intercooler. Orin
is putting together a nice data acquisition system to make
this sort of testing a whole lot easier, can't wait to try
that thing out.

I have a single pass intercooler out of a '91 200TQ 20V
that I am about to stuff into my 89 200TQ later this week
before the Thunderhill event in CA (fingers crossed). I'll
be doing some temp/pressure tests on this one as well.

I am getting some waste gate springs made up that are
similar to the Charlie Spring offered some time ago. Should
be ready in a week or so.

Oh, and a few other projects to keep me busy. Hopefully
should have more exciting stuff to offer in the next month
or so.

Here in Portland, OR we have a nasty ice/snow storm going
on today, I hope my power stays on today.......

A quattro fitted with studded snow tires is a wonderful
thing.....looks like a nice day to go out for a drive....

Scott Mo.