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dunlop sp8000's

well, a testimnonial of sorts for the dunlop sp8000's which are oem on
the rs2.  they are a surperb tyre with prodiguous levels of wet and dry
weather grip.

only thing is that they wear like crazy.  the new tyres i put on the
front of the car in april are now down to within the last third and have
now gone to the back wheels.  the car has travelled about 12k km's since
april, without any excesses like track days.

the positive side of this is that the tyres aren't too expensive and i'm
only a month away from having 4 nice used tyres for the rs2's 1st track
day in february.

the other thing about the sp8000 is that they are being replaced shortly
by a new model, the sp9000.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q