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The continuing saga of the quattro that drank oil -and why bore scopes are cool.

Well the Jury is still out but....
Just before I had the engine pulled out to check the pistons for wear, I
had a mechanic look at the quattro with a bore scope.  We got it hot -
pulled #5, stuck the scope down the bore, turned the engine by hand and
whoosh, down comes the oil from behind #5 inlet valve.
Now todays question is "How far away from the inlet port is the oil
gallery ???."

End result =  the heads comming off AGAIN and having who knows what done
to it this time ( just had new valves, new guides, crack & pressure
tested etc...)

Any one struck a WR engine with an oil leak in to the head via the inlet
port ??

Andrew ( 85 URq ) Backup = Nike& Avis

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