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US driving permit tests too easy

Chris Hlubb wrote:

>I'm with ya on that one. The Americans need to learn how to drive. I
>spent a combined month in Europe this year and was thrilled with the
>driving experience. They have much more responsibility and discipline >when
driving even at the high speeds

This is because here in the US, as you know Chris, you need just show up to
the motor vehicle department in your state and they HAND OUT DRIVERS
LICENSES!  NJ has the state in a number of languages!  Does this help when
all the signs are in English!?  NO!!  It is BS that the U.S. is so lax in
actually testing if people can drive.  Take all the 16 yr olds who have poor
driving records.  I was 17 when I first drove (NJ law) and I tell you I was
very hesitant at that age, and I drove every day for the 6 months I had my
permit.  Drivers are too young and it is too easy to get a permit here.
end of rant