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Re: Xenon lights vs. projector beams (longish)

Frank Amoroso wrote:
> Judging by the responses I have gotten, it seems as if not everyone is aware
> of the differences between a Xenon headlight and a projector beam headlight.
> So sorry for the BW here but I am pretty Philesque when it comes to lighting
> technology. I take freely from personal research, Hella, PIAA, and Osram
> literature, etc.
--Major snip--

Thank you for the very informative post.  It is my understanding the HID
systems are limited to the low beams only.  Why is this so?
 Kent Crossley, Portland,Or.
'91 200q (mine, W/90-100H4s, 100H3s & remote aiming)
'93 90CSq (hers, W/nothing yet)