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Stuck in the mud

Latest Audi adventure--this Saturday, in the pouring
rain, I decided to try out the AWD by rallying across
an old field where we live. During psuedo-wet months,
it provides grins with four wheel drifts. In any
case, it has been raining for weeks on end and the
ground is saturated. And I have Dunlop 8000's. Point
is, midway into the field, I started to feel traction
loss, gunned it to get out of there (stupid, I know)
and, instead, SANK! The horror that crossed my
mind--what if my wife finds out! So I ran up to the
house got a huge length of marine-grade manilla rope
and HER Jeep Grand Cherokee (towing package and the
5.2 litre). Lasso'd the audi's micro tow-bolt and
backed the Jeep up. *bang*-snapped the rope.

Unfortunately, I had to reveal my stupidity to my
wife who threatened that I was unfit to be own a
"nice car" and probably unfit to be a father. Later,
she showed up to help me out; her genious was to dump
gravel under the wheels after I had dug it out-rather
smart it turns out. After snapping the rope 8 more
times, she finally pulled me out.

It took 3 hours the next day to spray off the mud
that was caked in ALL of the suspension pieces,
wheels, etc. I STILL have grit in my windows. But at
least I'm not sleeping on the couch...

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