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Re: Xenon lights vs. projector beams

Unless you have a 1998 S4 you do not have either, HID Xenon lights or
projector beams. The DOT version of the A4 light is a paraboloid type
reflector (actually 3 in 1) that houses the low beam, high beam, and fog
lamp in one assembly. Even the euro A4 has paraboloid type headlights
although with a single H4 bulb in each housing.

You can tell projector lights quite easily, in that they look like an
"eyeball." The new A6's have one projector beam for the lows. PIAA 90 pros
use a projector for the fog side of the light and a paraboloid reflector for
the driving light side ( check these out at
http://www.accessconnect.com/piaa4090.htm, in the picture on this page
driving on left and projector fog on right, please dis-regard bluish tint of
the projector in this photo as it has nothing to do w/ Xenon), PIAA 959's
are projectors as well, in the US 1992 to 1995.5 S4 & S6's use projectors
for the low beam as well as the fog lamp.

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Subject: Re: Xenon lights vs. projector beams

>I just read with great interest your lengthy note on lighting technology.
>Great reading.  Of course I am left with questions.  I have a 98 A4q.  I
>assume that I do not have Xenon lights.
>Do you know if I have projector lights?  How can I tell?
>If a car has halogen projectors, is it possible/easy to upgrade them to
>Xenon projectors?
>Thanks in advance for any more light you can shine on this subject.