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Re: WGFV testing procedure.

> A torn wastegate diaphram was my first thought.  Scott J pitched
> in with a leaky hose to the bottom side.  Another possibility
> is a mechanically sticky wastegate.  Plenty of ways to go bad.

This diaphragm you speak of is the little rubber bit that lies around
the moving wastegate "gate" and wedges between the exhaust housing
and the wastegate cover (to which the WGFV tubing is attached), right?
I removed the cover of the WG and pulled the gate back and let it go,
it slid back into position without any resistance which I understand
indicates it is not sticky. I still need to pull the plug from the
WGFV. I will pull off the line that goes to the WG from the FV, but
I'm not sure what I will to plug it off. If it is the FV that is
stuck open all the time then I don't think there is much that will
block the pipe before being blown off by the pressure. Can I simply
disconnect the line going into the back of the WG and leave it
unblocked while I check the boost?

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