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Re: Airbox Mod

> The key is simply making cold air available to the engine and not
> ramming it in ... also, getting hot air out of the engine compartment
> will accomplish very nearly the same thing and is probably easier to
> achieve.  I've been keeping my eye out for a wrecked Z34 Chevy Lumina
> since the hood vents Chevy used look very nearly ideal for this
> purpose ... and as proof that great minds think alike, Todd Candey has
> incorporated a recess that is designed to use this vent into his
> carbon-fiber replacement hood for the Type 44 cars. Unfortunately,
> hiding stuff from my girlfriend is much easier when it's done *under*
> the hood than on the hood so I won't be buying one of these any time
> soon...

So, the mod of putting on a intake duct on the top of the hood would
mean ramming air, right? Even if the duct is a flush mount multi-
slotted thing which just breathes off the air flowing over the hood?
Isn't mounting the duct at the front of the car same as ramming air
into the system?

I'd  like to see this CF hood you speak of and those Chevy outlets.
Know where there are pictures of it? The Opel Kadett and Astra use
venting ports as well and don't look very aggressive. Are those th
type of ports you are thinking of for ducting heat out of the engine

I'm not understanding the post I guess. Is it more beneficial just
cooling the air than sending more in? Say in stock form the engine
flows X litres of air, if I put the vents on the grill or hood and
flow X+Y litres of air would it be better than simply cooling the X
litres of air the stock machine gets? Sorry, I didn't realise that
mentioning the placement of the intake on top of the hood would
result in ramming the air in, I thought it would be a good idea for
getting the ducting away from the hot engine unlike running the ducting
to the lower grill as it would still have to pass close to the hot
engine, so getting the air as it passes over the hood would seem
cooler than getting it from the lower grill as the ducting wouldn't
be heated as much.

Anyway, these are all thoughts.

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