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Re: Habit Reinforcement

Hi All!

Lucky to be old enough to have had a good driver ed teacher, *Mad Dog

MD had some fairly rigid rules (didn't hurt that my HS was ROTC) and the
ones he drilled into my permanent brain cells in 1972 still dictate my
driving behavior today.

Will not bore w/details but suffice it to say that *automatic seatbelts*
were invented long before the Feds mandated them.

Also, a quick illustrative story:

Everybody knocks the Bug for no heat, etc but for a horny teen facing a
Minnesota blizzard, one could park where no one else would dare.  On one
snowy occasion, I drove the '72 up on the sidewalk next to girlfriend's
house to spare her tender feet navigating too much greasy skid stuff.

25 years later, Laura's mom still recalls her astonishment that, not
only did this new boyfriend come out in a 12 inch snowfall and drive up
the sidewalk, but that, upon getting back on the road, he SIGNALLED!

Nowadays, my ursprungen (10, 7 and 5) chide me for *indicating* as I
pull into the driveway.  Hey, I've got worse habits......


Paul Kuettel
Falcon Heights, Flyoverland
'88 5KTQ - on the road and loving it
'72 Type 113 - hibernating
6 Scorpios - ditto
3 XR4tis - ditto