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Re: Inner circle

   I have recently posted a couple of questions to the list, but received
   absolutely no response, while the Eric vs Phil thing is getting a ridiculous
   amount of attention. What does one have to do to get into the "inner circle"
   of listers, and get some help with day to day Audi problems? The list is
   taking on a rather nasty, almost "call in talk show" personality.

Ignoring the flame wars...

Maybe noone had anything meaningful to say. Maybe everyone thought
someone else would answer better. Maybe nobody had the time to reply
in a meaningful and proper way. Maybe it's a conspiracy to drive you

As there are well over 100 messages a day, I give each one about 3
seconds to catch *my* attention, otherwise I delete it (which is to
say I have usually deleted it by the time the brain registers a
possible hit, and I go back and undelete it and actually read it...)


	Implicit in the above is that if my entire screen is filled
	with previous quoted context, I delete it automatically. If
	you want [me, at least] to read a response/thread, take the
	time to edit your reply accordingly . . . hint hint it takes
	very little of *your* time to save hundreds [thousands???]
	of us substantial wasted time . . .

As far as I know, there is no "inner circle" per se, although it is
clear that some members are closer to needing professional help than

Finally, many "day to day Audi problems" have been discussed [to
death] 20 or 30 times already, and are in the archives just begging
to be retrieved and re-read without requiring someone to answer the
*same old question* a thirteenth time.

So, 1) what were your questions,

and 2) did you research the archives before bugging (said with a
smile, don't get pissed!) the list?