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Re: 86 4kq stumbles when cold

   I just started having this same problem. It runs fine once it is warmed
   Anyone know what the resistance of the warm up regulator should be?

The resistance is relatively irrelevant -- if there's electrical
continuity, your "heater coil" is probably OK. What counts is that
the control [back]pressure to the fuel distributor starts low and
rises with time (the fuel system pressure thus starts high ("rich")
and drops ("leans out") with time (as the thingie heats up). For
this, you need to tap into the fuel system and measure the pressure.
Or just swap the damn regulator with another one and see what hap-
pens. (To a zero'th order approximation, they're all interchange-
able; just pull one off any ole VW...for testing purposes...best
results obviously come with the *right* unit for *your* engine!)