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Re: alternative H4 bulbs

I run Osram Gold bulbs in my car. They are the Osram version of the Philips
Gold bulb, which gives a yellowish-purple-blue light. They're claimed to be
30% brighter than ordinary H4 bulbs (while being standard 60/55W), and even
with my old pitted headlight lenses there was noticeably more light. The
yellow is not at all like that of the French-type headlight bulbs (which
actually yield 30% less light than white items)- it's much closer to white.
I find the light gives a more pleasant contrast on the road, and it is less
tiring on long night drives. They cost about $13 each here.

I found 'em in an Audi I was stripping down in the local 'yard.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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