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I am not sure if the A4 uses a similar system as my '93 S4, but I take
freely from the S4 registry with the next paragraph. I did this to my car
and the difference is truly amazing. If it works for you I would highly
recommend it, its like getting something for nothing. I would like to make
the connection switchable though, as 245-45/17's at parking lot speeds get a
little difficult to turn. Speaking of, does anyone know where to get factory
type connectors. This one is about 2 inches long has 2 connectors and a
metal tab that snaps in place when the connector is properly inserted. There
are tons of similar ones all over the engine bay.

"If you want more feel and a better sense of control - unplug the electrical
steering assist plug on the power steering pump.  It is amazing how much
better the car feels. What you'll have is only the hydraulic assist which is
plenty of assist to do the parallel parking thing with ...and it feels
perfect IMHO on the road. I have checked with a few mechanics and they said
there is no harm in doing this - I guess the only problem I could envision
is if your hydraulics go out - then it may be a little difficult to turn the
wheel. "


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>Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 08:30:41 EST
>From: C1J1Miller <C1J1Miller@aol.com>
>Subject: re: S4 steering
>Car and Driver did a writeup on the S4 in their most recent issue; they
>the revised steering was due to new valving in the pump, and stiffer rubber
>bushings; however, they still felt there wasn't enough feel.  Seems like
>have to swap in a new steering pump and redo bushings to get similar feel
>your A4s.  Anyone seen the parts fiche yet to see if the bushings at least
>an upgrade for older models?  Are the A4 bushings the same, for example, as
>those used in my 200 (size et al)?
>Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
>'91 200q.
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