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I actually meant the difference between 30 MPH and 60 MPH.

And my answer to question #2 is D.

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From: Phil and Judy Rose <pjrose@servtech.com>
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Date: Friday, January 16, 1998 7:28 AM

>That's fairly accurate. I'll be back there in a day or two for my
>once-a-year-visit, and I know that's pretty much the picture. But Frank,
>you might also say, "If I drove at only 60 MPH instead of 120, it would
>take twice as long..." That doesn't make 120 MPH a good idea, does it?
>Hmmm, well come to think of it...;^)
 How so?
>Are comuters untrainable? Uncontrollable? More in tune with cupholder
>technique than driving technique? All of the above?