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Re: Castrol Syntec


   I have been an avid user of Castrol Syntec ever since I bought a 5ktq and
my mechanic reccomended I switch to a synthetic motor oil.  It is relatively
inexpensive and I love the broad viscosity range.  I have had NO lifter noise
and NO oil consumpion between oil changes, and the car had close to 120K on
the clock.  Not a wary of a problem.

   The Syntec is a 5W50 motor oil and I highly reccomend it for daily use.  A
great all around motor oil.  You get a quick lube in the morning (great for the
winter) and you also have the superior protection of a synthetic.

   Some people told me that if I got serious into track events, I should switch
to Mobil 1 (like a 10W30 or 15W50) synthetic, but I didn't see the need for
that in a car I drive as a daily driver.  And, I did a track event with the
Syntec with no problems.  I think it is the best, and it is the only motor oil
I use, even in the Jeep.