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Used car prices

Interesting topic.

DF's letter shows an interesting price on a 93 S4.

I have never purchased a car from a dealership, probably never will,
unless DF can get me a real sweet deal:)

My experience is pretty deep with wrecked / rebuilt cars.  On that
subject, let me say this:  Most dealerships will not touch a car [for
resale purposes] that has a salvage title.  Few will take in trade a
car that is known to be wrecked, no matter how wonderful the repairs. 
Which brings me to the S4's recently talked about here [rebuilt] one
for $28k, the other for $22k.  Do this, if you are interested in
negotiating on either of these cars.  Call your local dealer [even if
it is a Chebby dealer], and tell them you have this car [tell them
about the wreck, fix] and you were wondering what you could get for
trade.  If they continue to talk with you at all, you will be
surprised at what the car is worth.

Oh, on the 91 200tq's?  Walked away from one in '95 that had 30,000
miles, needed passenger door and glass, right front fender, otherwise
perfect.  Price?  $7,500 obo.  

Finally, no doubt 60 minutes had an impact on prices back then.  I
think the effect today is none.  Problem is most people have the
proper perception that Audi prices are screw jobs on parts and labor. 
Simply, if the car is out of warranty, many don't want the hassle that
Audi can present.