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Used car prices

On 15 Jan, BRUCE wrote:
> Problem is most people have the proper perception that Audi prices are
> screw jobs on parts and labor. Simply, if the car is out of warranty,
> many don't want the hassle that Audi can present.

  Other makes can hit you with high costs, too.  I had a coupon from my
  Nissan dealer to do a wheel alignment on my '92 Maxima.  The
  steering wheel was very loose on center; thought it was just the
  consequences of the New England winter (read potholes.)  They called
  my later that morning to say that the center bushing in the steering
  rack was gone:

         New rack: $750 (90 day warranty)
         Labor   : $350

   I laughed.  Went to Pep Boys and bought a lifetime-warrantied unit
   for $350 and replaced it over a weekend.