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Steamboat Q Event, NE listers

  Are there any NE listers pondering attending the Steamboat Q event?
But not really interested in driving out alone?  I know a 4kq quattro
in NH who wants to go, but isn't looking forward to a 40-48 hour drive
himself.  I believe he's searching for a co-driver.  Any takers?
Dan?? It's a great chance to toss the q's around in a fairly forgiving
environment.  I believe Ben stuffed the nose of his 4kq pretty hard and
only lost a GTO light cover as a result.  Lot's of fun, good q-club and
q-list camaraderie, and a great local brew called a Fat Tire.  Some good
chances for tech talk to boot.  Last year, many listers got together in
Denver Friday night and had a follow-the-leader caravan up to Steamboat.
Typically, those not taking the course ski Saturday.  Oh well, just
checking interest levels.

Details as I know them:
1/31: 2 Bridgestone half day course for first timers, and as a refresher
2/1:   Q-Club Open track day

$125 open track day and per 1/2 day course
Possible discount if track and course are both opted for

Approximate 40 hour drive from NE, figure leave Wed evening, driving
straight through.  Return  Monday following, be back in NE (groggy) by
Wednesday morning...  So who can spare a week from work??


Stott Hare
Application Developer
Policy Administration Team