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Re: Temp gauge light (Was "93 90 seat heater switch light")

>Probably the gauge won't have to be replaced.  In general, Audi techs
>seem to replace systems rather than pieces--i.e. when the backlighting
>in the CC computer control goes out, instead of opening the box and
>changing the light, they do a core replacement and give you a
>refurbished unit--one which probably had the same problem that was

Er....I hope you're correct but I visited two dealers, one in Syracuse NY
and the other in Albany NY, who said that they would have to order in an
entire new unit to repair the problem.  After finding out this information
(that it was "impossible" just to replace the burned out bulb because its
being a one peice unit) I took the car back to my local dealer for
warrantee service.  Of course our list members replace bulbs in window
switches that are also in the same category as this bulb.  BTW I had two
window switches (front passenger & driver) replaced at the same time
because they were also burned out.  Now my new front window switches are
FAR brighter than my two old rear window switches grrrr...

>As for the airbag, I do think that it's poor design.  Who's to say?
>What this all means, though, is that probably anyone on this list could
>take the gauge and put in a new bulb, but most won't be able to because
>of the airbag.
>Sucks, doesn't it?

Sure does!