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Airbox Mod

In message <v03110708b0e42dfb5805@[]> Chris Maresca writes:

> According to those who know these things (abreviated THKTT from now on...
> ;-), aka. SCCA participants, members of the teamFC3S mailing list, etc., it
> does not work as advertised.  Many people replace the intercooler on the
> top for one mounted behind the front "grill", under the bumper.  Better
> cooling & airflow.

The original (one and only) Issigonis-designed 'Mini' had its radiator mounted 
sideways into the front left wheel arch.  There was no ducting on the 'input'
air side.  The argument was that the wheel arch is always a low pressure area, 
and its 'suck' was better than _any_ duct's blow.
If you check the underside of an ur-quattro, both the oil cooler and the 
intercooler vent at the rear into a wheel arch.  I suspect the 'suck' effect's 
lowering of pressure behind the devices is more important than the 'blow' 
effect of what little ducting is in front of them.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club