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Re: Airbox Mod

Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com> wrote:

>I'd  like to see this CF hood you speak of and those Chevy outlets.
>Know where there are pictures of it? The Opel Kadett and Astra use
>venting ports as well and don't look very aggressive. Are those th
>type of ports you are thinking of for ducting heat out of the engine

Those are called NACA ducts. A nice alternative choice IMO would be the
ducts as used on the Escort Cosworths. Also, in the early eighties the
rallying Opel Mantas and Asconas used a row of triangular ducts which
looked very purposeful.


PS Parked in front of the place where I work today: brand-new dark green
metallic A4 Avant 1.8T quattro, S-grill, lowered suspension, Porsche Cup
alloys... in short: wow!

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