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Re: Re:Used Car Prices

On the one hand I will agree, to an extent.

There is a great body shop in San Jose, Bodystyle, the owner, Cecil Beach
and I spoke at length about frame straightening when I brought my bent 914
autocrosser to him several years back. According to Cecil there have been
numerous times that he has pulled a frame and the car has actually aligned
better than before. In fact he had a 944 Turbo race car on the jig that
handled better after he pulled it the first time than the way it came from
the factory. If you are in the SF Bay Area and need bodywork go see Cecil,
the man is an artist. He had an S600 Benz that had been run over by a city
bus, only $75,000 worth of damage. I HATE it when that happens.

On the other hand if whoever posted the list earlier about getting cheap
used Audi's is still out there... I'll take a black on black '95.5 S6 sedan,
with 30,000 miles, Abt/Bilstien, IA, etc. for $20,000. I'll get the second
mortgage ready, oh and no accident victims please.

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>Some of you people need to slow down and take a look at what you are
>I have been rebuilding Audi's for about 10 years now and just like
>else it can be done right or wrong.  (SNIP)