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Re:86-up turbo headlights

You mean the low-profile lights that have the separate, small lamps
inboard just adjacent to the grille?  When I flip the headlight stalk up to
the first click, the little "city" lights come on, along with the brake lights,
side markers,  license plate, and dashboard lights.  They're useful for
driving at dusk and in parking garages but not much else.  In fact, they're
a little bit of a pain because when the dash lights are on you don't
always realize that the main headlights are not when you're driving in
the city...then you hit a dark stretch of road and you're blind (well, even
blinder than you are with the main beams).  I'd prefer an indicator on the
dashboard for these lights.  

When you flip the stalk up to the second position, the main beams kick in
(pretty lame kick...).

Best Wishes,