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RE: V8 Stuff (Manual vs. Automatic transmissions)

<Yes, in my introductory message to the list I asked about (heaven forbid!)
<putting a cup holder in my slush box V8. I'll also admit that I wanted an
<automatic transmission V8 and wouldn't have bought a V8 with a manual
<transmission. Hence I must not be an enthusiast by some definitions.

<Variety is the spice of life. To be able to experience multiple types of
<vehicles with different drive train, body configurations and purposes, is
<one of the greatest pleasures/luxuries of life. Automatics aren't patently
<better than manuals nor is the converse true. Each one has its own place and
<would define an enthusiast as anyone who knows the difference and
<appreciates them.

Good points all! Anyone here own a std shift snomobile?